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Meet the Managment Team



Rachelle Tinning

Years Active: Since 2003

Roles Held: Player, umpire, coach, senior coordinator

Favourite Thing About Pints: Pints has always been a second family for me. So many of the players/coaches I grew up with in juniors are still in my life today.

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Leanne  Tinning

Years Active: On/off since 2003

Roles Held: Player, coach, umpire, general management team member & now treasurer

Favourite Thing About Pints: The commitment and loyalty our club members have. We all pitch in to help each other. 



Maddi Brown

Years Active: Played as a junior in 2011 and 2012 rejoined the club in 2018. 

Roles Held: Player, Coach, Senior Coordinator, Social and Fundraising coordinator and Vice President.

Favourite Thing About Pints: The family feel of this club. Everyone becomes part of your 'Darwin Family' on and off the court.



Sian Magriplis

Years Active:  Played as a teenager for Pints, then came back as a parent in 2020 to current and also played in 2021 and 2022. 

Roles Held: Player, parent, team manager and secretary (2022 and 2023)

Favourite Thing About Pints: I love the supportive, community feel and the friendships I have made. I like being able to give back to the club that was part of my life as a child and now is part of my child’s life. 


Junior Coordinator - U15/U17

Kellie Moir


Senior Co-coordinator 

Karen Parker

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Junior Coordinator - NSG/U11/U13

Michelle Smith

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Senior Co-coordinator

Hannah Ross

Years Active: 

Roles Held: 

Favourite Thing About Pints: 

Years Active: 

Roles Held: 

Favourite Thing About Pints: 

Years Active: 

Roles Held: 

Favourite Thing About Pints: 

Years Active: Pints player since I was a junior and returning last year from a 10 year hiatus in QLD.

Roles Held: Player, coach and now this year on the committee this year sharing senior coordinator with deadset legend Karen

Favourite Thing About Pints: The culture and the people make this club so great! I love going to training, or game night and having a good laugh with other players, coaches etc

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Senior Umpiring Coordinator

Bec King

Years Active: 4

Roles Held:  Player, general member, coach, senior umpiring coordinator

Favourite Thing About Pints: A club with a big heart, where everyone has your back. 


Junior Umpiring Coordinator

Chelsea Creedy

Years Active: This is my first year at Pints

Roles Held:  Player, junior umpiring coordinator

Favourite Thing About Pints: 

Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 2.06.51 pm.png

General Member

Chris Hook

Years Active: 

Roles Held:  

Favourite Thing About Pints: 


General Member - Social Media

Phoebee Hook

Years Active: 

Roles Held:  

Favourite Thing About Pints: 

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