**Registrations for the 2021 season are closed. Please contact the club via email or Facebook before actioning any of the below steps.** 

You'll require a 'MyNetball Participant ID' to complete the registration process.  If you have played netball as part of DNA previously or with another association, you will have an ID.   If you are not sure what it is, or are registering for the first time? You can find an existing ID or register a new MyNetball ID by visiting this page


PLEASE DON'T CREATE A NEW ID - email for help if you can't find your details.


Please also read this information on grading and umpiring below. Fee information can be found here.


Preseason Training:

Each season the club offers preseason traing to assit players get back into form for the season. Preseason is open to all senior divisions and to players trialing for our Under 15's and Under 17's junior teams & our juniors wishing to play seniors.

Players trailing for our Premier League and Reserves are required to attend at least one listed preseason session each week - however it is advised you attend more and attendance will be documented.   


Grading is compulsory.  Grading and team placements will be made by evaluating individual players skills and commitment. Teams will be formed subject to player numbers and the availability of suitable coaches. Should you ever be unable to attend grading, you will be asked to submit an exemption form for the grading committee's consideration. Should this application be accepted, you will be subjected to a paper grading. Please email the club if this applies to you. 


Every team is responsible to provide an umpire each week. Therefore, all Senior players are expected to umpire at least 2 games each throughout the season to cover our commitments.  Game allocations may be a Wednesday night junior game or Thursday night senior game.


The umpiring roster will be divided up within the teams and assistance will be available to beginner umpires. Those that do not wish to umpire will be required to find their own replacement and pay them $25 (or an agreed amount) for each of their allocated games.  The Pints Netball Club will provide players with the opportunity to learn how to umpire free of charge through the Association.